Combining pedagogy and technology

Our passion is to bring academic institutions and technology together.
We work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible solution for their needs.

About Us

ITSI Funda combines the best academic and educational practices with the latest technology that can effectively and efficiently be implemented within tertiary education institutions. The skilled ITSI Funda team assist with all of the e-learning requirements at an institution. We partner with distributors and providers of educational content, resources, services, and e-books to provide an end-to-end solution that will suit your individual needs, supported by world-class software, training, and support.

ITSI Funda (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 contributor with a 125% BEE procurement recognition level.



Modern organisations cannot function without information and the technology with which they gather, store, compute and make available the information. Educational and Tertiary Institutions are not exempt from this in a world where students live in the Internet of Things. Successful application of technology requires an understanding of the business within which the organisation functions and an understanding of the use of information and information technology to support the objectives of the organisation.

Our Services

We listen to your needs to find the best learning solution that will ensure that your students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st-century.


We provide advice on the incorporation of a blended learning approach.


Training, implementation and support services to ensure the successful adoption of technology.


Learning resources and textbooks in a digital format through our trusted partners.


Managing the adoption of technology with a focus on hardware, mobile devices, and platform.


Detailed user-analytics for personalised learning.


An integrated diary keeps students informed about campus activities, assignment due dates, and tests.


Inbuilt tools for assessment creation with instant self-marking results.


Application of research on educational neurosciences to enhance teaching and learning.


Our training solutions translate to increased productivity, enhanced adoption of technology and improved efficacy within the post schools/tertiary environment. Drawing on the knowledge of academic and industry experts, our track record includes high-quality, customised and practical solutions that set us apart from the traditional skills development and service organisation.

A modern experience to studying for your students

With the miEbooks application, students engage with content in an unprecedented way. They add their own notes, sketches and highlights and generate automated summaries or create flashcards. All content is backed-up. An integrated diary keeps students informed about campus activities, assignment due dates, and tests.